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Title: The Impact of Motivations on Employees Performance: Case Study from Palestinian Commercial Banks
Authors: hanan nazzal
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: International Business Research
Abstract: Motivation aims to empower and liberalize people as enhance their entrepreneurial abilities to recognize the interactions between humans and their abilities to work. Thus,this paper is aimed to examine the impact of motivations on employee’s performance in Palestinian banking industry. The survey data was collected through distributing a questionnaire on employees that working in Palestinian commercial banks. Relied on Pearson correlation and multiple regression analysis, this paper reveals that moral motives are significantly and positively predicted employees performance. Moreover, the scholars find a high level of motivations provided to employees that working in Palestinian commercial banks. However, the material and social incentives are not predicted employees performance. On other side, the paper found that there are differences between the levels of motivation when it comes to the demographic data like qualifications, years of experiences, and job title. Finally, the study recommended that Palestinian banks needs to adapt and develop their motivation system in order to satisfy all employees’ moral needs. T
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