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Title: A Smart Clustering Based Approach to Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation in Wireless Networks
Authors: mohammed awad
abdelmunem abuhasan
Keywords: Clustering Algorithm
Wireless Network
Dynamic Bandwidth Distribution.
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: International Journal of Computer Networks & Communications
Abstract: A wireless network consists of a set of wireless nodes forming the network. The bandwidth allocation scheme used in wireless networks should automatically adapt to the network’s environments, where issues such as mobility are highly variable. This paper proposes a method to distribute the bandwidth for wireless network nodes depending on dynamic methodology;this methodology uses intelligent clustering techniques that depend on the student’s distribution at the university campus, rather than the classical allocation methods. We propose a clustering-based approach to solve the dynamic bandwidth allocation problem in wireless networks, enabling wireless nodes to adapt their bandwidth allocation according to the changing number of expected users over time. The proposed solution allows the optimal online bandwidth allocation based on the data extracted from the lectures timetable, and fed to the wireless network control nodes, allowing them to adapt to their environment. The environment data is processed and clustered using the KMeans clustering algorithm to identify potential peak times for every wireless node. The proposed solution feasibility is tested by applying the approach to a case study, at the Arab American University campus wireless network.
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