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Title: Distomolars: An overview and 3 case reports
Authors: naji ziad ar
Keywords: supernumerary teeth
fourth molar
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Dental, Oral and Craniofacial Research
Abstract: A distomolar is a supernumerary tooth which is located distal to third molars. They appear more frequently in men than in women. Several theories had been suggested to explain this phenomenon with the “dental lamina hyperactivity theory” to be the most accepted. Supernumerary molars (distomolars) are usually impacted. They can be associated with complications or stay asymptomatic. Radiographic identification of distomolars is very important for detection of asymptomatic impacted distomolars. Treatment involves the removal of the distomolar because of the complications that their presence may cause or to keep under observational management. This article presents an overview of distomolars and reports 3 cases of distomolars in patients who attended to our clinic.
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