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dc.contributor.authornasrin r. sadaqah
dc.contributor.authorjawad abu tair
dc.description.abstractHypodontia is defined as the developmental absence of one or more teeth which can affect both the primary and permanent dentition. During the diagnosis procedure several other dental and oral symptoms can be observed. However esthetic and psychological problems require special attention for these patients, considering that they are often associated with low self-esteem and problems of social acceptance. The optimal therapy should include an interdisciplinary team approach. This review aimed to find out prevalence, causes, clinical manifestations, and treatment modalities of hypodontia. A case report describes that the treatment planning for a patient suffering from oligodontia is introduced at the end of the review. A specialist with the patient together made the decision regarding treatment.
dc.publisherOpen Journal of Stomatology
dc.subjectMissing Teeth
dc.subjectFull Mouth Rehabilitation
dc.subjectTreatment Options
dc.titleManagement of Patient with Hypodontia: Review of Literature and Case Report
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