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dc.contributor.authorzidan, nael$AAUP$Palestinian-
dc.contributor.authormaree, mohammed$AAUP$Palestinian-
dc.contributor.authorsamhan, subhi$Other$Other-
dc.description.abstractWith the recent development of the Internet, the availability of a variety of low cost sensors and the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT), the development of remote real-time monitoring and controlling systems - without the need of direct human intervention - has expanded significantly in various application domains. The Water sector is one of the most important industrial application domains that demands developing efficient and effective water quality monitoring and control; considering the scarcity of natural water resources worldwide, and in Palestine region in particular. In this research work, we address the problems faced the monitoring and controlling of water chlorination that fully depends on human intervention. In addition, we propose developing an IoT based system prototype that remotely monitors and controls direct water treatment (Chlorination Treatment as a pilot phase) in Water Pumping Stations (WPS). The proposed system monitors the concentration of chlorine and controls the dosing pump to keep chlorine concentration as desired with little as possible human intervention. In addition, it monitors the chlorine level in tanks, and alerts the human operator for immediate actions in abnormal cases. A prototype of the proposed system has been set up to experimental test and validates our proposal.en_US
dc.publisher2nd International Conference on Future Networks and Distributed Systemsen_US
dc.titleAn IoT based monitoring and controlling system for water chlorination treatmenten_US
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