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Title: Diplomacy in the Perspective of Peace Building: From Coercion to Dictation
Authors: dalal iriqat
Keywords: Coercive Diplomacy
USA Mediation
3rd party role
Palestine/Israel Peace Process
Conflict Resolution
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Freidrich Schiller Jena Center for Reconciliation Studies 2018
Abstract: Abstract – Coercion to Dictation In his 6th December 2017 illegal announcement on Jerusalem, Trump had judged previous Presidents of the United States of America for making failed assumptions and for adopting failed strategies; moreover, he claimed that he is correcting their failures by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This paper introduces coercive diplomacy and demonstrates how the Trump’s administration took the US 3rd party role in the Palestinian/Israeli peace process from a coercion perspective into a dictator one by unilaterally imposing change on the status quo by announcing Jerusalem as capital for Israel. This paper will further demonstrate how Dictations had disqualified the American administration from playing the 3rd party mediation role.
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