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Title: The Role of Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations in Horizontally Women's Economic Empowerment in Occupied Palestinian Territories
Authors: iriqat
r. a.
Keywords: NGOs
Women’s economic empowerment
The Palestinian NGO Network
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Journal of International Business and Economics
Abstract: Worldwide, women still face challenges from various aspects, especially, in economic aspect. Empowerment of women in the society is a contemporary approach to develop countries. This study aims to explore the role of Palestinian NGOs in horizontally women’s economic empowerment. Main finding in this study indicates that there is a sufficient evidence that Palestinian NGOs play a positive impacted role in horizontally women’s economic empowerment in general and for all six dimensions( decisionmaking , critical thinking, access to markets, access to financial resources, access to new information and reduce the gender gap). In addition, the six dimensions are positively significantly correlated to women’s economic empowerment.
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