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Title: " دور البرامج الرياضية في استراتيجيات المؤسسة الشرطية الرسمية لمواجهة ظاهرة الادمان "
Authors: saba jarrar
Keywords: Addictive
preventive programs
the official institution
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: المجلة العلمية للتربية البدنية وعلوم الرياضة ، كلية التربية الرياضية للبنين في الهرم جامعة حلوان
Abstract: The idea of the study of the indicators of global statistics and local about addiction forms of multiple significance on the fact that addiction has become a phenomenon in most communities, characterized by relativism in the proliferation and variation in the size and species, which sought the researcher to verify targets and questions the study through the use of a set of tools to communicate with samples from the study population, which the age group of 10-22, and the police. Using descriptive analytical approach across the open tools interview, focus groups, international experiences associated. Objectives of the study are: Identify the role of sports programs in policing strategies, the official institution. Through the study to answer the following questions What is the role of sports programs in the official establishment policing strategies from the perspective of the age groups under study depending on age? What is the role of sports programs in the official establishment policing strategies from the perspective of the police personnel in the relevant sections? Where data were collected through the study tools, a corresponding open and focus groups, and literature review of the literature in newspapers and websites in, and the number of respondents who adopted their findings 205 students from universities and schools and police, have been meetings in the spatial domain samples (schools and police), The researcher found a set of findings and conclusions, including: The concept of addiction in Palestinian society reached the stage phenomenon with different forms depending on the age groups, and that everyone emphasized that the responsibility in the prevalence of one of its manifestations is the absence of the role of the basic institutions in education, a family and school, as well as the absence of partnership in the work programs of preventive or curative where taken on programs non-specialized continuity, results indicated also that drugs and smoking phenomenon that already exist, but I miss the search for the use of scientific instrument minute to give the ratios and relied on estimates of the samples, which calls for action to official statistics, as well as data pointed to the prevalence of the abuse of energy drinks, but there are low in knowing the danger of all study samples even the police institution. There was the approval and support of all classes of the police intervention age groups small in order to prevent the continuation of many of the phenomena, especially smoking and argela, was also there to accept to put sports programs within the police strategies to combat the multiple forms of addiction and that there is a partnership and complementarity in action. Of the important recommendations of the study the need for statistics on many aspects of behavioral for different age groups, and the adoption of these statistics to develop treatment programs and preventive measures based on partnership, as well as the necessity of activating the awareness and prevention programs, especially in schools, universities and orientation for parents and educators to introduce them to the dangers of certain phenomena, especially kindly to energy drinks and the extent of the prevalence of drugs and smoking.
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