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Title: Production of antibacterial metabolites by strain no.10/2 (S. albovinaceus) and media optimization studies for the maximum metabolite production
Authors: thaer abdelghani
Keywords: Actinomycete
S. albovinaceus
nutrient effects
cultural conditions
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: IJPI’s Journal of Biotechnology and Biotherapeutics
Abstract: A new actinomycete strain no.10/2 (S.albovinaceus) with broad antibacterial and antifungal activities was isolated from soil sample of Palestine and characterized at our lab. Nutritional and cultural conditions for the production of antibiotic by this organism under shake-flask conditions have been optimized. The parameters resulted for maximum antibiotic production are 1.25 % mannitol as carbon source, 1 % malt extract as nitrogen source, initial pH of 7.2, 10 % level of inoculum, incubation period of 96 h, agitation in 250 ml bottom indented flask and medium to flask ratio of 1:10. The optimization studies resulted in the development of a modified production medium with enhanced yield of antibiotic formation compared with the basal fermentation medium. This is one of the first reports for the strain no.10/2 (S.albovinaceus) has been reported from Palestine soil with antibacterial and antifungal activities.
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