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Title: Executive summary of results of the study on Potentials for Sustainable and Equitable Development of Irrigated Agriculture in the West Bank, Palestine
Authors: walid sabbah
mohammad abu amrieh
faten al-juneidi
Issue Date: 1998
Abstract: The Applied Research Institute-Jerusalem (ARIJ) has long realized the need for drawing a comprehensive picture of the water and agricultural situation in the West Bank. In April 1993, ARIJ submitted the project proposal "Potentials for Sustainable and Equitable Development of Irrigated Agriculture in the West Bank" to the International Development Research Center (IDRC)-Canada, which generously approved a grant for a three-year project. The project was launched on November 1st, 1993 and was concluded on the November 1st, 1996. During the course of the project, several major political landmarks took place: the Oslo I and II Agreements, the establishment of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) and elections to the Palestinian Legislative Council and new elections in Israel. Under these political changes strikes, curfews, and even fire shooting occurred between Israelis and PNA due to confiscation and colonization of the Palestinian land by Israelis. All these political problems have led to delay in the project which prevented the fulfillment of all specific objectives in time and so IDRC extended the project for one year more which was finally terminated on June 30, 1998.
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