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Title: Metallophthalocyanine-modified glassy carbon electrodes: effects of film formation conditions on electrocatalytic activity towards the oxidation of nitric oxide
Authors: joshua oni, $Other$Other
nizam diab
sabina reiter, $Other$Other
wolfgang schuhmann, $Other$Other
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Sensors and Actuators B
Abstract: Metallophthalocyanine complexes have recently been identified as holding much promise for the development of electrochemical sensors for the detection and analysis of nitric oxide. A report on the effects of changing the conditions under which glassy carbon electrodes were modified (with Ni- and Co-phthalocyanine complexes) on the performance of the modified electrodes obtained, towards the oxidation of nitric oxide, is presented. A large variation in the magnitude of the oxidation current and the oxidation potential of nitric oxide was observed depending on the method employed in depositing the metallophthalocyanine film on the electrode surface.
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