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Title: In vitro evaluations of cytotoxicity of Crozophora tinctoria (Ghbeira) and antidote effects of Silybum marianum (Khurfeish) Applied aspects for grazing in Palestine
Authors: bilal ghareeb
maysa arteen
ameena abu farha
nagham awwad
haneen badie
abdalsalam kmail
samira barghouthi
bashar sa'ad
Keywords: Toxicity
grazing animals
Crozophora tinctoria (Ghbeira)
Silybum marianum (Khurfeish)
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: An-Najah Univ. J. Res. (Nat. Sc.)
Abstract: This is the first study of evaluation of toxicity of some plants in the Jenin area in Palestine, where farmers report suffering of their grazing animals from some plants. This plays a negative role in driving them out of production. This kind of study is, therefore, of vital economical, ecological and even political importance. Based on a survey in the villages of the Jenin area, we focus our study on a list of suspected plants and started with Crozophora tinctoria (Ghbeira). The objective is to assess the toxicity of this plant on grazing animals and to produce recommendations for farmers in case of intoxications. The study model is the hepatic cell line HepG2. Crozophora tinctoria plants were extracted using ethanol 50%. A series of concentrations were added to HepG2 and the effect was evaluated using the MTT assay, which assesses the viability of cells. A clear toxic effect was found to be directly proportional to the concentration of the plant extract in HepG2 medium. Silybum marianum (Khurfeish), when added alone to HepG2 cells has a neutral effect on the growth of cells. According to literature, Silybum marianum has regenerative effect on cells and consequently antidotal virtues. This can be promising in case of intoxication. But, surprisingly, no such regenerative effect was found when added in combination with Crozophora tinctoria.
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