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Title: Avoiding and Isolating Flooding Attack by Enhancing AODV MANET Protocol (AIF_AODV)
Authors: adwan yasin
mahmoud abu zant
Keywords: MANET
Black Hole
Flooding Attack
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Security and Communication Networks
Abstract: Security in MANET is an essential task in preventing the harm that could be caused by malicious nodes in the network. Flooding attack is one of DoS attacks that aim to exhaust the network resources by flooding the network with a lot of fake packets and messages. There are different forms of Flooding attacks, and the most common form is the request one. Request Flooding attack keeps flooding the network with a lot of requests to the fake nodes that do not exist in the network. In this research, we presented a new enhanced AODV protocol AIF AODV that can detect and isolate flooding nodes in the network. NS-2.35 is used to simulate and to prove the efficiency of the proposed technique.The results of the enhanced protocol in terms of Throughput, End to End Delay, PDF, ARE, andNRL are very close to the native AODV without Flooding attack.The comparisons with othermodels showed that the proposed model AIF AODV has a better Throughput characteristic.
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