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Title: Detecting and Isolating Black-Hole Attacks in MANET Using Timer Based Baited Technique
Authors: adwan yasin
mahmoud abu zant
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing
Abstract: Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) is a type of wireless networks that provides numerous applications in different areas. Security of MANET had become one of the hottest topics in networks fields. MANET is vulnerable to different types of attacks that affect its functionality and connectivity. The black-hole attack is considered one of the most widespread active attacks that degrade the performance and reliability of the network as a result of dropping all incoming packets by the malicious node. Black-hole node aims to fool every node in the network that wants to communicate with another node by pretending that it always has the best path to the destination node. AODV is a reactive routing protocol that has no techniques to detect and neutralize the black-hole node in the network. In this research, we enhanced AODV by integrating a new lightweight technique that uses timers and baiting in order to detect and isolate single and cooperative black-hole attacks. During the dynamic topology changing the suggested technique enables theMANET nodes to detect and isolate the black-hole nodes in the network.The implementation of the proposed technique is performed by using NS-2.35 simulation tools.The results of the suggested technique in terms of Throughput, End-to-End Delay, and Packet Delivery Ratio are very close to the native AODV without black holes.
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