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Title: The Percieved Organizational Justice and Job Sastifaction
Authors: emad waladali
Keywords: job satisfaction
perceived justice
distributive justice
procedural justice
interactional justice
education sector.
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: This study aims to measure the perceived justice (distributive, procedural, and Interactional) by the Arab American University employee. Moreover, to analyze the relation between perceived justice and job satisfaction. This study is conducted in the Palestinian environment. Data were collected through questionnaire distributed over stratified random sample out of 500 employee at the Arab American University. Results indicate a strong positive relationship between the perceived justice and job satisfaction (with correlation value =.834 at ?=.01). Study also reveal a significant relationship between age of the respondents and their job satisfaction level. The third findings was a significant relationship between respondent’s years of experience and their perceived justice. The study reveals no relationship between the demographic information of the respondents (gender, age, job type, scientific degree, and faculty) and perceived justice. Finally, the study did not find a relationship between gender, job type, scientific degree, faculty, and experience and job satisfaction. This study implemented at the Arab American University in Jenin, to generalize the results over the Palestinian universities similar research can be implemented in other local or regional universities. This may generate a clearer relationships among the mentioned variables.
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