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Title: OCC-Mix Approach for Concurrent Mixture of Fixed and Mobile Transactions
Authors: ahmad alqerem
ala hamarsheh
shadi nashwan
Keywords: Concurrency Control
Mixed Transaction
Performance Evaluation
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Journal of Digital Information Management
Abstract: This paper addresses a new optimistic-based concurrency control protocol, called OCC-Mix. Theproposed protocol could be used to reduce the scarswasting and expensive resources of mobile environment.This can be achieved by avoiding the unnecessary mobiletransaction restarts. Consequently, a dynamic adjustmentof serialization order in the conflicting transactions withrespect to the validating transaction will be used. As aresult, much resources of mobile environment are savedand a many fixed host transactions finished their executionwithout being affected by other mobile transactions. Theperformance of the proposed protocol was measured alongwith other related CC protocols; the simulation resultsshow that the performance of these protocols isconsistently much better than the traditional 2PL and OCCprotocols in mixed transaction environments
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