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Title: Adsorptive stripping voltammetric analysis of 2,4,6-tri(2?pyridyl)-1,3,5-triazine at a mercury electrode
Authors: m.m. kamal
ali z. abu zuhri
a. a. o. nassar
Issue Date: 1996
Publisher: Fresenius' Journal of Analytical Chemistry
Abstract: The redox behaviour of adsorbed species of 2,4,6-tri(2?-pyridyl)-1,3-5-triazine (TPTZ) at the surface of a mercury electrode was examined using cycling voltammetry. Based on the adsorption and accumulation of TPTZ at the charged mercury surface cathodic adsorptive stripping voltammetry (CSV) is applied for the trace determination of TPTZ using a differential pulse (DP) technique. Experimental and operational parameters for the quantitative analysis of TPTZ are optimized and the detection limit was found to be 3×10?9 mol/l. The effect of some interferences, e.g. organic compounds, cations and anions, are investigated.
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