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dc.contributor.authorm. abu eid
dc.contributor.authorf. mahmoud.
dc.contributor.authorm. el-nuri.
dc.contributor.authorali z. abu zuhri
dc.description.abstractThe hydrolysis of furfurylidene benzoylhydrazone,FBH, in hydrochloric acid medium has been found to follow specific acid catalysis, whereas the hydrolysis in universal buffer medium has been found to follow general acid-base catalysis. Mechanisms for the hydrolysis in different acidic media have been postulated. The observed rate constants, secondary rate constants, activation and thermodynamic parameters for the hydrolysis of furfurylidene benzoylhydrazone have been reported. The effect of change in percentage of ethanol in the ethanol-buffer mixture on the rate of hydrolysis has been discussed.
dc.publisherMonatshefte für Chemie
dc.subjectKinetic studies
dc.subjectFurfuryl benzoylhydrazone
dc.titleKinetic Studies of The Hydrolysis of Furfurylidene Benzoilhydrazone
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