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Title: Polarographic Behaviour of Cu(II) Complex With 3-(2-Thiazolylazo-2,6-diaminopy-ridine at DME
Authors: ali z. abu zuhri
Keywords: Polarographic Behaviour
Copper(II) Determination
Issue Date: 1986
Publisher: Analytical Letters
Abstract: The polarographic behaviour of Cu(II) has been investigated in the presence of increasing concentration of 3-(2?-Thiazolylazo)-2,6-Diaminopyridine (2,6-TADAP) at different pH values and in 50% ethanol. At all pH's the waves were found to be diffusion controlled and irreversible. The values of the kinetic parameters na, Ko and ? have been evaluated as a function of the ligand concentration. The maximum half-wave potential shifts were observed for the Cu(II) complex at pH 3.37. The polarographic wave height was proportional to the concentration of Cu(II). The method has also been applied to the determination of Cu(II) in aluminium alloys.
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