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Title: Scope of Using Treated Olive Mill Wastewater in Tomato Production
Authors: hazem sawalha; orwa houshia; anan hussein; q. mahariq; a. khader
Keywords: Olive mill wastewaters
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: International Journal of Agriculture and Forestry
Abstract: Abstract An experiment was carried out to evaluate the feasibility of using treated olive mill wastewater (OMW) in irrigating tomato crops. The OMW was filtrated using a home-made filter of a matrix that mimics nature. OMW filtration improved physical and chemical properties of the filtrate as it became clear with neutral pH. The results showed that the 10% dilution of the filtrate gave best results compared with those irrigated with tap water. The 20% dilution gave the second best outcome followed by the 50% which gave an intermediate plant growth and production. Irrigation with untreated OMW killed the plants in a couple of days. Treated OMW was found to be useful in irrigating tomato crops at economic level.
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