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dc.contributor.authorA. F Qasrawi-
dc.contributor.authorhazem k. khanfar-
dc.contributor.authornajla m. khusayfan-
dc.description.abstractIn this article, we report the experimental and theoretical modeling on the band pass filters that are made of two thin film layers of Cu2Se coated onto aluminum substrates and nanosandwiched with 50?nm ytterbium layers. The nanosandwiching of Yb between two layers of Cu2Se is found to decrease the lattice constant, the defect density, and the strain and increase the grain size in the Cu2Se. Electrically, it is observed that, Al/Cu2Se/Al structure exhibits wave trap characteristics with notch frequency of 1.31?GHz. The Yb?layers improved the performance of the band pass filters by increasing the amplitude of the reflection coefficients, increasing the return loss values and decreasing the voltage standing wave ratios. The calculated conduction and wave trapping parameters nominate the Yb?nanosandwiched Cu2Se films for use in communication technology as they exhibit negative capacitance effect and narrow band pass range.-
dc.publisherMicrow Opt Technol Lett-
dc.titleEnhancement of the performance of the Cu2Se band filters via Yb nanosandwiching-
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