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Title: Structural, Optical, Dielectric and Electrical Properties of Al-Doped ZnSe Thin Films
Authors: A. F Qasrawi
t. s. kayed
khaled a. elsayed
Keywords: Aluminum-doping
negative capacitance
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Journal of Electronic Materials
Abstract: In this work, the heavy aluminum doping effects on the compositional, structural, optical, dielectric and electrical properties of ZnSe thin films are investigated. It is observed that the Zn/Se compositional ratio increases with increasing Al content. The major cubic phase of ZnSe becomes more pronounced compared to the hexagonal phase. In addition, the presence of Al in the structure of ZnSe causes lattice constant contraction, decreased the grain size and increased both of the strain and defect density. Optically, the Al doping increased the light absorbability and widens both of the energy band gap and energy interbands which are present in the band gap of ZnSe films. Moreover, the Al doping into ZnSe lowers the high frequency dielectric constant and enhances the optical conductivity. On the other hand, the capacitance spectra which are studied in the frequency domain of 0.01–1.80 GHz displayed negative capacitance effect associated with resonance–antiresonance phenomena upon doping of ZnSe with Al. Such enhancements in the physical properties of ZnSe that are achieved via Al doping make the zinc selenide thin films more appropriate for electronic and optoelectronic technological applications.
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