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Title: Characterization of the Ge/Bi2 O3 Interfaces
Authors: seham reef alharbi
atef fayez qasrawi
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Seham Alharbi, A. f. Qasrawi
Abstract: In this article, the properties of the Ge/Bi2 O3 interfaces as microwave cavities are reported and discussed. The interface is composed of monoclinic Bi2 O3 films grown onto polycrystalline cubic Ge substrate. It is observed that consistent with the theoretical design of the energy band diagram, the experimental current-voltage characteristics of the Yb/Ge/Bi2 O3 /C hybrid device structure exhibits electronic switching property. In addition, the capacitance, resistance and microwave cutoff frequency spectral analysis in the frequency domain of 0.01-1.50 GHz revealed a frequency dependent tunability of the device. Moreover, while the Yb/Bi2 O3 /C interface displays negative capacitance effect, the Yb/ Ge/Bi2 O3 /C interfaces are also found to have the ability of altering the resistance up to three orders of magnitude. Such property allowed reaching a cut off frequency up to 116 GHz. The electronic features of the device indicated that the Ge/Bi2 O3 interfaces are attractive for production of negative capacitance field effect transistors and band pass/reject filters.
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