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Title: Structural and optoelectronic properties of CdS/Y/CdS thin films
Authors: A. F Qasrawi
tamara y. abed
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Thin Solid Films
Abstract: In the current study, the structural, optical, photoelectrical and electrical properties of CdS/Y/CdS thin films are investigated. The current design include the evaporation of a layer of 70 nm thick yttrium between two layers of CdS. Each CdS layer is of thickness of 500 nm. It is observed that the yttrium slab increased the microstrain, defect density, stacking faults and decreased the grain size and redshifts the indirect allowed transitions energy band gap of CdS. In addition an enhancement by ~5 times in the light absorbability is detected at 1.74 eV. The enhanced absorbance results in increasing the photocurrent by ~ 21 times and changed the recombination mechanism from a trap assisted recombination to supralinear recombination mechanisms. Moreover, the ac signal analysis in the frequency domain of 10–1800 MHz has shown that the yttrium forces the CdS to exhibit negative capacitance effect and make it behave as band stop filter with notch frequency of 1520 MHz. The quality of the CdS/Y/CdS films as microwave cavities are screened by the evaluation of the return loss which revealed good features of the nanostructured films as microwave receivers.
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