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Title: Dielectric Dispersion in Ga2S3 Thin Films
Authors: A. F Qasrawi
s. r. alharbi
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Plasmonics
Abstract: In this work, the structural, compositional, optical, and dielectric properties of Ga2S3 thin films are investigated by means of X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersion X-ray analysis, and ultraviolet—visible light spectrophotometry. The Ga2S3 thin films which exhibited amorphous nature in its as grown form are observed to be generally composed of 40.7%Ga and 59.3%S atomic content. The direct allowed transitions optical energy bandgap is found to be 2.96 eV. On the other hand, the modeling of the dielectric spectra in the frequency range of 270–1,000 THz, using the modified Drude-Lorentz model for electron-plasmon interactions revealed the electrons scattering time as 1.8 (fs), the electron bounded plasma frequency as ~0.76–0.94 (GHz) and the reduced resonant frequency as 2.20–4.60 ×1015 (Hz) in the range of 270–753 THz. The corresponding drift mobility of electrons to the terahertz oscillating incident electric field is found to be 7.91 (cm2/Vs). The values are promising as they nominate the Ga2S3 thin films as effective candidates in thinfilm transistor and gas sensing technologies.
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