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Title: Aryl imidazylates and aryl sulfates. Novel electrophiles in metal-free ArSN1 reactions
Authors: hisham qrareya
stefano protti, $Other$Other
maurizio fagnoni., $Other$Other
Keywords: ArSN1 reaction
metal-free arylation.
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Journal of Organic Chemistry (JOC).
Abstract: Some oxygen-bonded substituents were investigated as leaving groups in photoinduced ArSN1 reactions. Irradiation of aryl imidazylates and of the corresponding imidazolium salts mainly caused homolysis of the ArO?S bond. However, previously unexplored tri?uoroethoxy aryl sulfates were found to undergo e?cient metal-free arylation. The sulfates were conveniently generated in situ by dissolving the corresponding imidazolium salts in basic 2,2,2-tri?uoroethanol.
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